Finish this cake, all flowers are made out of gum paste!Image



Gum paste Flowers

These are some gum paste flowers I’ve been working on. Not completely done but almost! ImageImageImage

What went wrong!? Chocolate


During the melting process the chocolate becomes thick and grainy and hardens to an unusable mass

  • The chocolate has seized, usually due to the addition of water.
    • Even a single drop of water will cause the chocolate to seize up and become unusable.

Chocolate smells “hot” and will not harden when it cools down

  • Chocolate was overheated. Improper tempering technique used.

 After dipping ingredients or candy centers into melted chocolate, a grayish white streaky texture on the surface

  • The streaks that have developed are known as fat bloom. It is when the fat separates in the chocolate and rising to the surface.
  • This occurs when the chocolate is not properly tempered or the items to be dipped were too cold.

When folding whipped cream into melted chocolate, the chocolate solidifies and flecks of hard chocolate form in the cream

  • The items were of two extreme temperature (cream to cold, chocolate to warm).
    • Allow chocolate to come to room temperature before combining.
    • Add a small amount of chocolate to the cream and whisk in vigorously, then fold in the remaining chocolate quickly.

 Finished Ganache is curdled or separated

  • The Ganache has separated and must be tempered by heating a small amount of heavy cream and then beating small amounts of separated Ganache into the warm cream until the Ganache “comes back together”.

Finished Ganache looks grainy and is extremely thick

  • The fat in the chocolate has recrystallized. The Ganache must be rewarmed and whisked to a smooth creamy state. 


Black Forest Inspired Entremet





This is my Black Forest inspired Entremet that I created while I was on my internship in France. It is 100% my creation. Everything is made entirely from scratch, and I actually was chosen as best entremet out of everyone who created one and the chefs compared it to a MOFs entremet! Which I was so excited and thrilled about.